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Sadhbhavana World School

Situated in the serene hillocks that border the city of Kozhikode, Kerala State, India, Sadhbhavana World School is a school unlike any other. Driven by giants in the field of education. Global in outlook. Rooted in Indian values. Sadhbhavana knows one standard in education. The highest! Going far beyond the curriculum, Sadhbhavana seeks to prepare children for every challenge the future has in store for them - be it academic, artistic, cerebral or corporal. Sadhbhavana respects the traditional wisdom books impart, but goes beyond books to develop and perfect essential skills for the 21st century. It is armed with all the facilities that children of today need to be tomorrow’s beacons of hope and leaders par excellence. This is one of the reasons Sadhbhavana has been consistently ranked one of the Top 10 schools in the Country over the past 4 years.

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This is an international early childhood curriculum designed specially to meet the developmental needs of children between the ages of 1.5 to 6 years. The curriculum mainly focuses on developing the whole child and developing skills - Executive Functions and Self-regulation & 21st Century Learning Skills, required for the young minds to be coping with challenges in the present and the future. In order to ensure quality and adherence to standards in early childhood education across the globe, the curriculum is mapped to several International Frameworks. However the main base of the curriculum is including Early Years Foundation Stage of United Kingdom. Whystles has integrated the best practices from 10 different approaches and theories that cater to the early childhood development. At the centre of it all, Whystles follows the play-based approach involving both child-initiated and teacher-supported learning. This integrated model of Whystles is called “Mosaic”.

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Sadhbhavana Institute of Research in Education (SIRE)

With the huge leap in communication technology, the world is overloaded with Information that is available at the touch of a button. Hence, information is no longer the force of the teaching fraternity. Reinventing and re-defining schooling and the teaching-learning process have become a social necessity. SIRE steps in for this redefining process and pools the expertise and experience in all domains of schooling in order to extend the support to all schools in their journey towards excellence. The company provides educational advocacy and consulting services. The team mainly focuses on research and development of innovative, interesting and relevant ideas that would improve the quality of schooling in all its ramifications which include academics, operations, management and infrastructure.

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​The Centre for Research in Education & Teachers Training - CRETT is a joint initiative of the Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE) and Sadhbhavana Group and was conceived with the vision to empower educators with 21st-century skills. CRETT aims to provide relevant training to educators in conformation with contemporary needs and vitalities affirming quality and excellence. To keep pace with the rapid developments and to cater to multifaceted needs of a knowledge-based society, CRETT offers a multitude of opportunities providing exposure to rich educational training experiences to its aspirants, empowering them with the latest knowledge and skill sets for forging global excellence. CRETT, through its endeavours, aims to ensure that the transformed, re-profiled and quality educators are placed in the best schools across the nation and the world, directly and by partnering with other organizations of repute. The institution aims to blaze a lasting trail of passion for scholastic and non-scholastic and other activities for setting benchmarks in the educational arena.

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Coss Club - COSS Club is an initiative aimed at enriching education through projects which hone life skills, build social responsibility and contribute towards community development. The Club designs and implements projects in diverse areas like entrepreneurship, agriculture, research, city navigation, health, relationships, racial equality and environmental conservation. By involving students in community outreach projects, the Club achieves the twin objectives of emotional learning and social upliftment.

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Our Projects

Eminence Private School, Fujairah

Eminence Private School is Sadhbhavana’s flagship school in the Middle East. The school aims to be one of the first of its kind in the region where the highest quality education is provided at the most affordable price. The school will run the Indian board CBSE curriculum and will cater to the middle-class segment of the Emirate. The school will open its doors in the Emirate of Fujairah in April 2020.

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