Who We Are

Founded in 2005, Sadhbhavana took birth from a desire for excellence. Having realized the importance of education and its transformative potential, a group of individuals began to ponder about the unsatisfactory standards of quality in the education sector. Hailing from diverse business backgrounds ranging from finance to logistics, the group decided to set up a school with a difference one that would challenge the status quo and set the benchmark for other institutions. Researching on what marks the difference between a good school and a great school, the team arrived at a qualitative framework for achieving excellence in the education domain. To realize their vision, in 2008, the group first established Sadhbhavana World School on a sprawling 56 acre campus developed into an integrated township. But this was not enough for the group. They wanted to become the go-to place for everything that was educational. As such Sadhbhavana Group was set up in 2012.

Sadhbhavana, initiated by a team comprising of educationist, businessmen, legal advisors, philanthropists and financial consultants, aims to be a global leader in school (K-12) education sector. The company offers its clients services in the lines of total school solutions that include, project planning and structuring, infrastructural planning, human resource development, school administration and management, quality auditing, academic planning and curriculum development, trading in school related products and urban development (educational communities). Sadhbhavana envisage a growth from a single entity company to a conglomerate by the year 2020. Built on a platform of research, Sadhbhavana is an organization, developed with a vision of bringing about new standards in education, knowledge generation and management. It stands as a platform for social transformation through guaranteeing quality in education.


To be the most admired and inspired service provider in education by creating, disseminating and sustaining excellence.


To become a global player in empowering educational institutions.

To provide quality standards in teaching and learning by generating best practices to enhance academic excellence.

To engage student populace for their holistic development.